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Below we have provided you with further information and answers to commonly asked questions to make the process of using our services as easy as possible.

Primary Service: Pre Designed E-Book Covers

How do I get started?

First make sure you are signed in. If you are new, registering for an account is free and easy. Once you have found the cover you wish to buy, follow the 'Buy Cover' button and fill out the provided form. After submitting your order, you will be taken to Paypal which will enable you to pay and finalise the purchase of your cover.

What happens once I’ve paid and the order form has been submitted?

You will be sent a confirmation email and we will begin to process your order to the specification of the information you provided. Once the draft is complete (please allow up to 72 hours), you will be contacted by email to be shown a low res JPEG file of any customisations (typography and requested alteration) for feedback or approval.

What happens once I have approved the design?

Once you are 100% happy and have approved the customisation to the E-Book Cover, we will provide you with the following files: 72dpi Thumbnail (216 x 288px), 2 x 300dpi JPEG file, one with text (suitable for E-Book) and one without text (suitable for DIY backcovers services e.g. KPD). You will also receive a 3D mock-up cover. These files will be sent to you via a Dropbox Transfer Link which you will receive via email and will also be available in your account for 7 days. You can access the transfer link by: Logging into your Account > Select Bought Covers > Find the E-Book cover > Select Download Files.

Can I buy my cover without text on it and have you customize my typography at a later date?

YES! All E-book Covers include in the fee, one custom typography, whether you have this done straight after purchasing or at a later date. When you first order, you will need to select the option: 'I do not wish to have you customise the typography at this stage and wish to have this service provided at a later stage, upon notification'. If you select this, we will initially upload to your account the following: a 300dpi JPEG cover with no text, (with or without minor design alterations).

Additional Design Services: Paperback (spine and Back), Audio and Marketing Designs

How do I order an Additional Design Service for my E-Book Cover?

Log into your Account > Select Bought Covers > Find the E-Book cover you wish to order an additional design service for > Select the Order Additional button > Select the service you are wanting from the dropdown menu > Fill out the form (if required) > Submit Order and Finalise Payment.

What happens once I have ordered?

You will be sent a confirmation email and we will proceed to transform your E-book cover design, in accordance to your chosen design type. You will then be contact by email to be shown a low res PDF or JPEG sample of the design, where you can provide us with feedback for further admentments or approval.

What happens once I have approved the design?

Once you are 100% happy and have approved the design, we will upload a full resolution, print ready PDF or JPEG file to your account. These files will be sent to you via a Dropbox Transfer Link which you will recieve via email and will also be available in your account for 7 days. You can access the transfer link by: Logging into your Account > Select Bought Covers > Find the E-Book cover > Select Download Files.

Do I need to provide the template for a back cover? Where do i get one?

Yes, you will need to provide us with a template. The provider you are using e.g. KDP, IngramSpark, etc will have one available for you to download. You can then forward that to us by using the provided upload file box on our form.

What marketing designs do you offer?

At this stage we advertise the following marketing items: Book mark, A4 size poster, web banner and social banner. If you require other marketing materials, please contact us and we will try to accommodate your needs.

Services and service fees

Do you provide unlimited admentments?

We provide unlimited 'reasonable' amentments. This means that all amentments should be following the same direction as the original brief or the feedback you provided upon the first sample that was shown to you (if no initial directions were given). 'Unreasonable' is classed as providing us with one direction, then upon following these directions, the author changes their minds completely and wants a different design direction altogether. Although we understand that people can change there mind, our fee however covers one design service with in our set price. Therefor, restarting the design process to cater for a new design will be classed as providing an additional design service and will occur an additional fee. The best way to avoid this issue, is to take your time in being sure what you want as well as providing us with clear instructions.

I found a cover on your site that is ALMOST perfect, can I have that cover changed at no extra cost?

MAYBE! If the changes required are minimal (see next question to clarify what is classed as minimial) our set standard E-book cover fee will cover this service. However, for more advanced changes an additional fee will be required. If you are unsure or wish to have us give you a quote before purchasing, please contact us.

What are considered minimal changes?

Minimal changes are defined as providing small tweaking to certain individual elements of a cover design, this includes changing the overall color tone (does not include change of eye/hair or other refined colour changes), moving elements, and resizing elements.

Technical Issues

I did not receive an email that was said to be sent?

If the email we sent you did not appear in your inbox, most likely it has been sent to your junk folder...if this is the case, right click on the listing and select 'Mark as Not Junk' in the dropdown menu...this will transfer it into your inbox folder and will help avoid our emails going to your junk folder in the future. If the email is still not appearing, please contact us.

When using you site on my mobile, the form dissapears when the keyboard pops up?

We have found the best solution that we have available at this point in time, is for people to convert to the floating keyboard. This is done by taping the three little dots [...] on top of the keyboard and selecting the icon that says 'Floating'.

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Once I buy my cover, you take it off the site and never resell it, right?

YES, that's 100% correct. Once your chosen cover is purchased and paid in full, it is automatically removed from our site and will never be sold again, on here or anywhere else.

I see that if I sell more than 250,000 ebooks/print books I need to buy an extended license. Why?

The extended license is a requirement of the stock houses, not us and the fee is usually $100 per photo used. Since our covers are created using at least 2 images, (2 images are used on average, but sometimes 3) the minimum extended license fee you will expect to pay is $200. Once an extended license is paid for, it is good forever.

Some authors are concerned about this, however this fee is very minimal in camparison to the earnings you would have achieved from selling a whopping 250 000 books, in fact if you sold that number of books that you needed to purchase the extended license for your cover, I would recommend you also purchase a champaign bottle along with it to celebrate your success.

I found a great cover for a book I'm currently writing, can I buy the cover now?

YES! There is no rule that your story has to be finished (or even started) to buy a cover and it's recommended to purchase the cover sooner than later, when it's still available and not have the disappointment of waiting and finding its been sold. In fact, quite a lot of authors get a story idea sparked by a pre-designed cover.

How do I credit you?

First of all, THANK YOU! We really appreciate it. You can credit us by using our Business Name: Pixel Chick Cover Art and Website URL: PixelChickCoverArt.com

Do you do custom covers?

Currently, we are not offering a custom service, so we can solely focus our time on growing the number of pre-designed e-book covers. However, we do provide advanced customizations, which means that if you find a pre-made that is close to what you are after, we can customize it to fit your needs. Our advanced customization service will incur additional fees, so please contact us for a free quote.

In the future, we may make available a custom service once we have hit our target number of pre-made covers.

I want a cover, but I plan to do a series, are you able to design matching covers for it?

YES! We know how important it is for authors to have a coherent cover design for a book series, so we most definitely offer authors to have us design covers for a series, based on the pre-designed cover that you initially purchased from us.

To order a book series > Log into your Account > Select Bought Covers > Find the original E-Book cover you wish to do a series for > Select the Order Additional button > Select Book Series Design from the dropdown menu > Fill out the form > Submit it to get a quote.

Why are these covers wider than usual?

Our covers are designed at this size to offer authors who wish to use DIY back cover services, such as KDP, the ability to crop a cover to their preferred trim-size for a paperback book. If you want to use a typical e-book size, we are more then happy to crop it for free. Most authors use the covers as-is at e-book distributor sites like Amazon, and have no problem getting them uploaded.



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